I read this online about Libras. “Libras are not as prideful as Leos, but they do have quite a large ego. Heartbreak leads to a Libra experiencing insecurity, but they have such a natural charm to them that they will often find a replacement in no time. Since they cannot be alone, Libras move very quickly when rebounding in order to heal their broken pieces and pump up their ego again.” I’m like K. Michelle “I need another one to get over the other one” LMAO I’m trying to work on that though.

I HATE the idea that libras “cannot be alone”. We definitely place a lot of importance and emphasis on partnership and romance, but that does not mean we don’t know how to be alone. I like being alone but not for long.

But, if I’m in the mood for company, sometimes it’s certain ppl only. At times I want my bf- others, just a certain friend or completely alone. I enjoy/feel the need to be in silence a lot. And that gets interpreted as not wanting their company. In my mind the company would be great if we could just Shhhh… lol!


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