I have two questions for you Amber. – How do you continue to love whole heartedly when people take advantage of your heart and hurt you? – how do you handle rejection?

(sigh) i never close my heart off, because that’ll only disable you. you reflect. you reflect on your relationship, you reflect on this person, & you reflect on yourself. if you reflect enough – you’ll find why you led this person to walk away from you. & please hear me when I say – whenever, if ever, a person walks away from you be extremely mindful that very often it isn’t because of you at all. (I’m dying writing this) sometimes it’s simply because they don’t know how to love. they don’t know how to handle a person with a heart like yours. so they get scared and go away. you shouldn’t feel like you have to shut down and hide away from love just because of one situation. (this took a lot out of me) hope it helps


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