Tarot Cards….for some reason i had bad experience with my tarot card. it was super accurate but my super religious mom somehow knew i was using them and basically scared tf out of me and now i’m too scared to touch them lmao. 

my mom and family are the same way but I think it mostly comes from a lack of understanding about tarot. People emphasize the “fortune telling” aspect of it which is the main part that conflicts with a lot of religions. But in my opinion/experience tarot is best for self exploration and reflection, getting to the root of things and showing how actions and feelings are impacting your current path/direction. But I will definitely be practicing very very soon:) 

what are your pms symptoms? what are they, and have they changed since you first got your period? i suffer from:- random facial acne usually on my chin and its annoying as fuck- nausea- rarely get cramps but ugh when i do, pls kill me- cheese / chocolate craving- my nipples feel like fuckin rocks Lol i just wanted to whine to someone else 

irritability,  I crave anything that is edible, and bloating? I HAAAATE BLOATING, like it legit makes me sad bc I look 3x bigger and it’s all water weight then I slim down again 🙄🙄, MY ATTITUDE BE ON 1000000000000000000000000 dont even breathe by me lol, I am a RAGING bitch. Anything and everything will piss me off, no matter how irrational it is and I can just feel everything turning red around me lol. When I get hungry, you don’t want to be around me. I’ll wonder why I’m acting this way in a moment of clarity and then realize that it’s my period and it all makes sense

And I have very intense sex drives too. Oh lord. Ovulation time is baby making time 😫