So I just saw a status and it sparked a question in me. The guy stated he didn’t want his girlfriend going out every week until 5-6am with her single friends and she thought it was controlling. He stated it was just love and she didn’t realize what was best for her.This led to a debate on whether or not a person should change certain things about themselves when they enter into a relationship. Some said he needs to trust she will do the right thing when out and that if he wants her to act like a wife he needs to marry her. Others said it is a matter of respect and that relationships require compromise and sacrifice. What do you think?

Okay after thinking about both sides here’s my opinion.1. When you enter a relationship the last thing you should want or need to do is change someone.

2. If your standards permitted you to enter in a relationship with someone who does this you should either try to compromise or walk away if it bothers you. But you knew from jump ya girl liked to party (i assume) so why you mad now?

3. Let her live her life. Clearly she has FRIENDS who can party like no other. If you’re not okay with it bounce. If you want a wifey who doesn’t party then find a woman who stays home and stfu whining. 

But saying she doesn’t know what’s best herself??? Mmmmm nah

Lol xo


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