This subject could lead to some beef and piss people off but I really want to know:why in today’s world is it considered empowering to sleep around and be sexually ambitious but women are talked down on or shamed for doing the opposite by these same women? Isn’t that a tad bit hypocritical?Why do we praise a cardi b as a “Real one” for for living in her own truth but hate Ayesha Curry and say she is boring, judgy, and corny for living in her own truth.If cardi can be respected for being proud of being sexy, why can’t Ayesha be respected for saying she prefers to be covered. How is one acceptable but the other one isn’t? I need answers and I swear I’m not trying to be petty.

I don’t keep up with Cardi B or Ayesha Curry, they’re both overrated to me. But if I remember correctly I believe Ayesha said something along the lines of “I guess less clothes is a trend now? I like to stay covered up for my man”, which is 100% fine. I agree I love being modest. but She got backlash for shaming other women. other women felt put down. 

It’s obvious why Cardi B is praised. We live in a world of misogyny and double standards. The fact that she wasn’t afraid to come out and be open about being a “hoe” was different. Men do “hoe” things all the time, but if women do it they’re frowned upon. There’s nothing wrong with being a Cardi B or an Ayesha. Be who you want without putting each other down.

Another thought…Im lowkey scared that we are in the midst of a gender war and that in 10 years healthy relationships will be extinct


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