angels & aliens…weird ass question…but, what’s the difference? do you believe in either?

Ancient in Egypt is sooooo deep . It’s so much to it. I’m still researching on stuff like this. But if you look back in Egypt right but now the Bible . Things were changed but still similar text. I believe in angels bc I’ve felt their presence. When it comes to aliens…idk I’ll have to see if to believe it. I want to see a UFO

But Between reading the Bible, the book of Enoch & reading about the “sky guardians” that gave the ancient Egyptians language & knowledge of the stars The Bible is actually a good book though. I’m more than half way done. They talk about Enoch’s prophecy a little bit in the Bible but they never go into details about what he saw.

the book of Enoch is its own book, it’s not in the Bible.

Lol this is why I don’t have a lot of friends, because I wanna talk about weird shit all the time.


4 thoughts on “angels & aliens…weird ass question…but, what’s the difference? do you believe in either?

  1. Ambitiousj81 says:

    I definitely believe in angels and I have stories of my own experiences with them. And as far as the Bible, I’ve studied the doctrine of angels and believe they do exist.
    Both my parents are Aquarians and I grew up having a fear of aliens walking around my house lol I ALWAYS had a fear of them for some reason, fear of being abducted and tampered with, but never saw one personally, but I’ve seriously felt their presence when I was younger and some weird shit happened a few times in our house. They probably do exist even though I’m more accepting of angels.


  2. Mars says:

    The book of Enoch talks about a group of angels called the watchers, who came down & sinned in spirit by sexing up the cute women & giving them​ knowledge of the stars, how to wear Kohl around their eyes to fight eye infections, different farming techniques, mathematical knowledge & other secret knowledge. The women who slept with the fallen Angels birthed Giants who went on to be destructive with the information…It sounds a lot like Egypt. A lot of the pyramid drawings show Giants being worshiped.
    I’m kinda sleepy, don’t know if that made sense.


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